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Filter Cartridges



Good-value wound cartridge with center tube, providing a true depth filtration that becomes progressively smaller towards the center tube. Therefore larger particles are trapped in the outer zone and never reach the smaller inner openings. This depth filtration is resulting in high dirt holding capacity and longer service life for economical filtration. At the same time a high flow capacity at a low difference pressure is guaranteed.
If required the cartridges can be pre-washed in the factory. For ordering the pre-washed version please replace the model WP number by the model number WWP.

Both the string and the inner tube are made of pure polypropylene, which is perfectly resistant against many aceous, alcaline or aqueous solutions as well as many organic liquids. Due to the good value the filter cartridges WP and WWP are mainly used for all standard filtration applications in water treatment plants and in the plating industry. When being used for drinking water or for food and drug applications, the WP filter elements shall be rinsed after installation or alternatively the type WWP shall be used.

Diameter: Outer diameter 64 mm, inner diameter 27 mm
Length: 5" to 40" (see table)
Flow capacity: 0,5-1,5 m/h per filter element 10". For multiple long elements (20", 30", 40") the
flow capacity is proportionally higher. Especially if there is high load of dirt,
"oversizing" of filter elements for having low flow and low initial difference pressure
is recommended since this will superproportionally increase the service life.
Difference pressure: Recommended initial difference pressure < 0,15 bar; Recommended replacement
of filter cartridge at approx. 2 bar difference pressure.
Operating temperature: max. 65 C
Retention rate: 5 to 200 micron (see table)

5" long 10" long 20" long 30" long 40" long
5 micron WP05P05 WP05P10 WP05P20 WP05P30 WP05P40
10 micon WP10P05 WP10P10 WP10P20 WP10P30 WP10P40
25 micron WP25P05 WP25P10 WP25P20 WP25P30 WP25P40
50 micron WP50P05 WP50P10 WP50P20 WP50P30 WP50P40
75 micron WP75P05 WP75P10 WP75P20 WP75P30 WP75P40
100 micron WP100P05 WP100P10 WP100P20 WP100P30 WP100P40
150 micon WP150P05 WP150P10 WP150P20 WP150P30 WP150P40
200 micron WP200P05 WP200P10 WP200P20 WP200P30 WP200P40
4 7/8" long 9 7/8" long
WP5P4.8 WP5P9.8
WP10P4.8 WP10P9.8
WP25P4.8 WP25P9.8
WP50P4.8 WP50P9.8
WP75P4.8 WP75P9.8
WP100P4.8 WP100P9.8
WP150P4.8 WP150P9.8
WP200P4.8 WP200P9.8

Minimum order for 5" and 10" long cartridges: 30 units
Minimum order for 20" to 30" long cartridges: 15 units
Minimum order for 42" long cartridges: 10 units

4 7/8" for filter chamber FA51-50


Filter element with granular activated carbon. Long contact time due to axial flow through the cartridge from bottom to top. Integrated post filter 5 micron.

For removal of undesired oil, fat, chlorine or other oraganic contents from drinking water, aceous liquids or gases. It is recommended to wash new cartridges for about 10 seconds for flushing out undesired activated carboon dust, especially when used in potable water.

Operating temperature: max. 50 C

Type Length Diameter Recommended
max. Flow
KG51-99 4 7/8" 73 mm 0,11 m/h
KG11-99 9 3/4" 73 mm 0,23 m/h
KG21-99 20" 73 mm 0,45 m/h

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